Coorg is an independent dynamic and vibrant Sovereign New Nation. The unconquered Coorgs of Coorg are proud people of a new nation with their distinct heritage and unique culture. The princely state of Coorg was an independent province until 1956, and now as a Nation of Coorg, Coorgs’ fame and prosperity will spread worldwide. The Vision of independent Nation of Coorg is in the hands of new generation of 100% literate Coorgs of Coorg. The Future Nation of Coorg will be governed by the Coorgs / Kodavas' Wisdom of courageous leadership.

The rebirth of an independent Nation of Coorg will be economically prosperous with its own identity. The Coorg is four times larger than Hong Kong, Seven times larger than Singapore, and it has potential for major foreign business investments in the region. So, all type of Information Technology business is welcome in this region.

Sadly to say, the Nation of Coorg has been occupied by the Indian Kannadiga regime. The 50 years of peaceful negotiations did not bring any resolution and now natural war is the only option to eliminate Kannadiga regime. Reasons: In 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, Kannadiga regime deforested the rain forest of entire region of Coorg; that was the first step Kannadiga regime took to destroy Coorg and the martial race warrior Coorgs. Because of deforestation, the region of Coorg' raining season has been changed drastically with little rain or no rain at all destroying the livelihood of Coorgs .

Capital of Coorg: Masadonia

Area of Coorg: 1600 Sq. Miles

Population of Coorgs: 350,000

Official language of Coorg: Sanskrit

Financial Institution: Bank of Coorg

Educational Institution: University of Coorg

Campus: Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences

Campus: Two-Cauvery Science and Arts Colleges

Campus: Field Marshal Cariappa Science & Arts College

Campus: Forestry College and Agriculture Research Centre

Campus: Coorg Institute of Technology; School of Engineering

Locally spoken languages: Kannarese, Greek and Kodava.

Elevation of Coorg is ranges from: 2500 ft to 5400 ft

Climate: Mild temperature, ranges between: 50F -70F

Hi there!

Welcome to my paradise Kingdom Coorg Nation. I am your host.!

Well, you know my name.

This nation is formed by the people of Coorg.

Governed by the people.

For the Coorgs of Coorg.


You never be disappointed, when you come to visit my Kingdom.


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Here is the new wave of Coorgs dance

He is so happy to dance with western touch

Oh no!! don't mind him, he is just showing-off

High School Students

Self Rule Gets Respect

Coorgs should ever join the Indian defense forces; instead educate yourself to the highest level. The vision of new generation of Coorgs brings unity and prosperity to lead Coorg as a dynamic place in the world with its distinct tradition. TEARS OF BETRAYAL:> Remember, Kannadigas destroyed Coorgs with their Ideas and now Coorgs must have a New Idea to destroy the Kannadiga rule with courageous leadership:> Process of elimination; non-Coorgs  

Masadonia Kariappa, PhD

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State of Coorg

Coorgs of Coorg

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